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Invest where we're investing? New Development Opportunity in Dominican Republic! - Women of Action

September 02, 2022
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
Invest where we're investing? New Development Opportunity in Dominican Republic! - Women of Action
Show Notes

We’ve NEVER done this before… but for the first time ever we are giving you the opportunity to invest in the exact same development project that we are investing in.

After my interview with these two Women of Action, I was so impressed that I asked the ladies to stay online with me as I wanted to know more. I even called in Dave as I saw this huge investment opportunity! And after running our numbers, stress testing the deal like we always do… We spoke with the developers… and decided to not only purchase one but two units as short-term rentals. And today, I am sharing this great opportunity with you!

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and have a beautiful unit for short-term rental not to mention a beautiful place to go visit on your next sunny vacation… then explore this amazing new development. Here’s a direct link to find out more. Simply fill out your information and they will be in touch.

Why did we decide to purchase two of these units?  Well…, numbers don’t lie!  We love the location, the amenities, the payment plan, the potential, and the price!  (Prices start at low as $115,800USD!)

We believe the first round of available units will go very quickly (this means the lowest price possible). So if you’re serious about taking Action and investing in the Dominican Republic, we encourage you to reach out to them now to take advantage of the lower prices as they will go very quickly. 

Hope to see you in Dominican Republic! 🙂

FULL DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE: You should always do your own due diligence on any investment no matter who is presenting the deal. Investor Mel & Dave and associated companies make no representations or warranties and assume no responsibility for investment outcomes.

Welcome to another episode of the Investor Mel – Women of Action show! In this episode, I am speaking with Alba & Kathy - sisters and business partners who started their company back in 2019. Alba is an experienced Architect and Kathy is a Financial Analyst and Realtor. Before that, Alba worked for a big company that suddenly went bankrupt. This new reality made her realize that she needed to create her own income.  Her sister was on board! But as many individuals often think, they thought they had to save a lot of money to be able to buy properties and invest. After learning about our OPM (Other People’s Money) System, they joined our Action Family™ Mentoring Program.

They started their real estate investor journey using OPM when they purchased their first duplex in New Jersey and are now doing a new construction development project in Punta Cana - Dominican Republic. How amazing! 🤯

“Sometimes what limits you is your mindset… We don’t say we don’t have, we say we are acquiring. You have to believe in yourself.”

Their advice to those who want to get started? 👉  “Don’t go in it without knowledge, try to get as much feedback, ask questions, consult, find a reliable source that you can go for advice, a good mentor to help you. Be willing to learn, that is the first step! Once you have the knowledge, take the Action! ”

And if you’re interested in building your real estate portfolio just like Alba and Kathy did, book a call with one of our Wealth Advisors to discuss how the Action Family™ Mentoring Program can help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn all the strategies including how to buy properties with other people’s money and without joint venture partners as well as other tricks to turn you into a real estate mogul. Learn more about my mentoring program by booking a call now!

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