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Buying 10 Units in 3 Months and Quitting Your Corporate Job with Real Estate Investing! - The Real Deals Show

September 16, 2022
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
Buying 10 Units in 3 Months and Quitting Your Corporate Job with Real Estate Investing! - The Real Deals Show
Show Notes

Hello, and welcome to the Real Deals Show! In this episode, Mel and I will be chatting with Jennifer and Seth. They are a couple from British Columbia who joined our Action Family™ mentoring program in January 2020. With the knowledge acquired coupled with the action they took, they were able to purchase 10 units in less than 3 months! They did this using OPM (Other People’s Money). They purchased a duplex in March, a 4-plex in April and another 4-plex in May of that same year. That’s awesome! 🙌 And that’s not all… Less than a year later, with that new income stream, they reached their goal. Seth was able to leave his government job so he could focus on being a full-time Real Estate Investor.
What’s next for Jennifer and Seth? They are doing some new development projects. They just finished building a duplex and are now working on a 9-plex and a 46-unit townhouse development. 🏠🏠 Wow! So amazing!   
Their advice to investors who want to get started? "Get comfortable with the no’s, cross them off your list and move on!” 

And if you’re interested in building your real estate portfolio and your network, just like Jennifer and Seth did, book a call with one of our Wealth Advisors to discuss how the Action Family™ Mentoring Program can help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn all the strategies including how to buy properties with other people's money and without joint venture partners as well as other crucial information like how to find deals, how to create win-win scenarios, property management, tax strategies, business structure and much more. Learn more about our mentoring program by booking a call now! 👉   
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We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Investor Mel & Dave – Real Deals Show! Do you want to be an Action Taker? Take the first step by booking a one-on-one call to discuss how we can help you achieve your real estate goals at a faster pace than you ever thought possible!