The Investor Mel & Dave Show

0 to $2.2M+ Real Estate Portfolio in 1.5 Years as an Immigrant Using Creative Financing Strategies!

November 03, 2022 Mel & Dave Dupuis
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
0 to $2.2M+ Real Estate Portfolio in 1.5 Years as an Immigrant Using Creative Financing Strategies!
Show Notes

Hello, and welcome to the Real Deals Show! In this episode, Mel and I will be chatting with Suman and Sukanya. They are a lovely couple who joined our Action Family™ mentoring program in November 2020 immediately after they got their Canadian Permanent Residence status. In only two years, they went from $0 to a $2.2 million+ portfolio using creative financing strategies. Can you believe it!? 🤯That’s so amazing!

In this video, they share their journey and how the guidance, support, and networking in the Action Family™ has been crucial in their success. 🙌 In Suman’s words: “I always believed that you have to think about who and how. Who can help you and how to solve the problem.”  🤩 GREAT mindset guys!

👉 What’s next for Suman and Sukanya? They are currently working on conversion projects on their properties, getting licensed to become investor-focused mortgage specialists, and expanding into multifamily investing in Canada and US. Their ultimate goal is to become a reputable and global investor and have a portfolio of multifamily and short-term rental properties in multiple countries including Canada, the US, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc. We have no doubts you will accomplish all your goals! 😄

👉  Their advice to the people starting:
Get into the community as soon as possible, and don’t stop yourself because of the money factor because you can easily make that money in no time. 💸 And remember… Go for the value of things, not the price!
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We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Investor Mel & Dave – Real Deals Show!