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Real Estate Investing to Help Children - Women of Action (Ep.6)

March 06, 2021 Mel & Dave Dupuis Episode 6
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
Real Estate Investing to Help Children - Women of Action (Ep.6)
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to another episode of Women of Action! Today,  I'm speaking with Jennifer Donchenko. Jennifer is an entrepreneur, inventor of Roos Wraps and is starting her real estate investing career!

"Hi, my name is Jennifer Donchenko. My husband showed me your videos and love everything you were speaking about! I am a female entrepreneur and would love to be featured!
A little bit about me... I am 36 years old, wife to Daniil and mommy of two sweet boys Eli who's 4 and Isaiah who is 2. I love Jesus with all my heart and when an idea is placed upon my heart, I pray and take the steps to make a dream a reality. 
I started a non-profit when I was 21 called Sweet Dreams Foundation and have given over 100 children battling life-threatening illnesses dream bedroom makeovers. You can find out more here
After having my first son, I invented and patented Roos Wraps which is a baby wrap that supports baby's development through tummy time, sitting up and walking. Not to mention creates an amazing bond between baby and parent/caregiver. We have helped almost 1000 babies love tummy time with Roos Wraps! (S-Corp is called Fit Family Incorporated and we have trademarks on both Fit Family and Roos Wraps) You can check out more here about our product, Roos Wraps, here
I wouldn't have been able to do either of these without the amazing support of my husband, my mom and an incredible community. God has been very very good to me!
My husband has always wanted to invest in properties so that's our next thing to start to do! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! 
Be Blessed!"


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