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First Year Real Estate Investors Building Income Producing Portfolio Fast - Real Deals Show

February 21, 2022
The Investor Mel & Dave Show
First Year Real Estate Investors Building Income Producing Portfolio Fast - Real Deals Show
Show Notes

Hello, and welcome to the Real Deals Show! In this podcast, Mel and Dave will be chatting with Karan and Kunal Malhotra, brothers who came from India to pursue their education but got bit by the real estate bug. The brothers are part of our Action Family mentoring program, and their main goal is to build enough wealth so they can have their parents retire in Canada. They currently have three properties, 1 single family dwelling, 1 triplex, 1 fourplex and currently firming up on a duplex, set to close soon. The best part of all of this, is that they purchased all their properties using 100% Other People’s Money (OPM)! 😱 😱

Karan and Kunal came to Canada to pursue their Master’s in Engineering in Waterloo, Ontario. Karan arrived in 2011 while Kunal came in 2016.

Over the years, they have had several different jobs; from a server at Tim Hortons to an Uber driver, just to pay rent and to continue their schooling. Now they both have engineering jobs, working for a software company while acquisitioning real estate.

They said, “You inspire us Mel and Dave and you have changed our lives since we joined your program. Thank you for showing us a path to achieve our dreams. We are grateful for everything that you do for your mentees. Thank you.”

If you want to connect with them, contact them on Instagram @investwidkaran & @kunalmalth0tra.

Are you ready to be inspired and learn how they did it? Then listen to this show!!

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